Make Maximo Mobile Better

Vincent's MAXapps is a Maximo Mobile Application Platform
With Endless Configurations and Customizations.

Use pre-built or build your own Maximo mobile apps with the MAXapps App Builder.

Pre-made, Blocks, Widgets, Dashboards.  We got them!


MAXapps Maximo Mobile Designer.

MAXapps App Builder Components

Vincent MAXapps for Maximo mobile has components that are highly customizable and flexible, making it easy to turn business ideas into applications for Admin and Concurrent Users.

We have coded the MAXapps Mobile App Builder as an easy-to-use Maximo mobile application builder and designer.  So, no coding is required, and the deployment of our mobile solution is instant, so your technicians have it immediately.  We strive for a clean and intuitive mobile design for all your Maximo modules.

Components can quickly adapt to your organization's needs, with robust features such as a conditional user interface, custom functions, configurable Maximo Where Clause, and even select UI colors and icons.

Thanks to the ready-to-use widgets with detailed documentation for each, it is easy to create the desired Maximo mobile application you need for your field technicians.

Using the MAXapps App Builder, you don't have to deal with code or help from outside I.T.  sources.  Adding components can be as simple as clicking a button, where you can start placing fields and actions under a specific hierarchy while playing with the date fields and attributes to customize them.

A Vincent MAXapps Mobile Application always starts with a building block: a component.  You can then add pages, lists, actions, and where clauses.  More details can drill down deeper into the Maximo instance by using Tabs.

The possibilities are truly endless.  The benefits are real.

Let us know when you'd like a demo...